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Authorized "Zoomer - Zinger & 

Perfect Walker II"  Dealer

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The indoor, outdoor, portable, one-​

hand solution to your mobility issues…

The Zoomer is so easy to control. It was very simple to learn and it lets me go places I could not go before. I love it!" – Happy Zoomer Customer

*Fun and easy to drive

*Easy to take almost anywhere

*Save $200 Now plus a free storage basket!

Click on Gina's Picture to see how the ZOOMER operates !!! 

Works Indoors and Outdoors:

Making tight turns in cramped indoor spaces are easy with Zoomer's amazingly small 25-inch turning radius. When you're heading outside, the powerful dual motors and low center of gravity let you go most places without risk of tipping. Grass, small gravel or bumps up to 2" are no problem in your Zoomer.

                                                                                           Click on Gina to watch the Demonstration 

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